Alsipharma Shield, our solution for maximal penetration resistance!

With our new fabric Alsipharma Shield , we achieve 6 main goals; creating a bacteria-and virus barrier in your cleanroom, protecting the wearer against penetration of liquids and desinfectants, comfort to the wearer, fulfilling all requirements regarding skin contact and having a suitable garment for industrial laundering and sterilisations.

The fabric consists of 3 layers. The outer fabric is our Alsipharma ISO 4 cleanroom fabric made out of 98% Polyester and 2% Negastat P210 carbon yarn. Under this layer, there’s a protective barrier, made of PU membrane. This membrane provides protection against penetration by bacteria, viruses and liquids such as sweat, blood, etc.. . The inner fabric is made of polyester knit. These 3 layers guarantee a bacteria – and virus barrier with a result of 0 CFU. 

By performing a HSH test we ensured that the wearer is protected against penetration of liquids. The results of this test were 600 cm after 70 industrial launderings and autoclave (121°C-20min). This demonstrates that the fabric is liquid proof (HSH>100 cm) according to EN 13795-1:Revision 2018.

Alsipharma Shield prevents irritations on the skin and harmful influences of disinfectants of other liquids on the human being. There cannot be penetration on the wearer of disinfectants based on alcohols.

By integrating the fabric only on the critical zones on your cleanroom garment you can combine comfort to the wearer with a high bacteria -and virus barrier. The PU membrane allows transpiration to escape, creating comfortable conditions for the wearer. The PES knit at the inside of the fabric keeps the skin of the wearer dry.

Alsipharma Shield fulfils the requirements regarding skin contact according to Öko-tex Standard-Product Class II (Skin contact), Annex XVII of REACH.

With the correct laundry process, the garment will obtain a life expectancy of 70 cycles. The fabric is also suitable for steam sterilisation (121°C-20min).

Technical information:

  • ISO 4-8
  • 99,5% PES / 0,5% CA
  • 225 g/m2
  • Trilaminate construction
  • Cleanroom fabric
  • PU membrane



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